Wonder weight loss supplement back in stock

Last week, Therapie Clinic reported a record level of demand for the incredible new 100 per cent natural weight loss supplement, Capsiberry. The clinic sold out in a matter of days, but a new delivery has arrived and the wonder-product is back in stock.

The key ingredient in Capsiberry is raspberry ketone, an aromatic compound found in raspberries proven to burn fat, accelerate weight loss, and dull appetite. The only problem is you’d have to consume 90lb of raspberries per day to get enough of the weight loss ingredient to help fight fat! For this reason scientists have extracted the ingredient into a supplement form, Capsiberry.

Just two capsules a day is all it takes to bring about dramatic physical changes. Capsiberry is particularly effective on stubborn, hard to target fat, like belly fat.

Capsiberry is available at Therapie Clinic (Fairview Terrace, across the road from the Fair Green car park ) or at www.capsiberry.com You can get three for two online now. Visit www.capsiberry.com or call 1890 650 750.


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