Local landmarks through the eyes of a child

Michael Ganly with his painting ‘The Pigeon House’

Michael Ganly with his painting ‘The Pigeon House’

A group of young artists unveiled their exhibition ‘Local Landmarks through the eyes of a Child’ at Glasson Craft Gallery, a theme inspired by the building art of Glasson native Olivia Grogan.

All works of young artists who attended Non Waters’s Arttastic workshop, children aged five to 11 were asked for their interpretation on canvas of some local landmarks.

Each child chose a building or place which was familiar and which interested them. Paintings include interpretations of the old pigeon house, a notable historic landmark on the Waterstown Estate in Glasson, while some chose to paint their local schools Tubberclair and Tang NS. Others were guided by the memories of great cuisine and enjoyable experiences in places such as The Village Restaurant, Grogans, The Fatted Calf, Glasson Golf Club, and Wineport Lodge.

Their works are currently on display at Glasson Craft Gallery.


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