Satellite broadband services from Eurona Brisknet

Cllr Dominick Connolly; Craig Bluff, managing director Eurona Brisknet; and Tanya Hand, office manager

Cllr Dominick Connolly; Craig Bluff, managing director Eurona Brisknet; and Tanya Hand, office manager

Eurona Brisknet, a local broadband provider is delighted to announce new satellite broadband services to anywhere in Ireland. Eurona Brisknet are part of Eurona Telecoms Group, one of Europe’s largest wireless telecoms providers. Eurona Brisknet’s head office in Ireland is on Racecourse Road, Roscommon town and currently supplies internet for many businesses and thousands of domestic homes.

They support many local businesses, employ local staff in the town, and sponsor Roscommon County hurling teams, both senior and U-21.

Managing director of Eurona Brisknet, Craig Bluff, says; “Eurona Brisknet is now able to offer satellite broadband anywhere in Ireland. Using the latest Two Way Satellite technology, we can now offer speed starting from 8Mb and up to 18Mb at the cheapest prices in Ireland...saving customers up to €400 a year against other satellite providers and offering higher speeds also.”

Eurona Brisknet are offering readers of the Advertiser the chance to avail of €50 off their installation fee for the satellite broadband. It is quick and easy and can be installed in less than two hours. Their satellite broadband service does not charge line rental, you do not need a phone line or good mobile phone coverage, as the satellite signal can be accessed anywhere in Ireland. This makes it easier for rural houses to get high speed internet access and the chance to search the internet like their friends in more built up areas.

Using a satellite receiver dish, installed at a business or customer’s premises, Eurona Brisknet can communicate to the Two Way Satellite which bounces the signal back to a control centre in Europe where it joins the internet. As the satellite is visible practically everywhere with a view to the east, they can now offer truly high speed internet to any rural or urban area across Ireland.

Eurona Brisknet can offer reliable, fast broadband where you live.

Contact Eurona Brisknet at (090 ) 6634319, email [email protected], or visit


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