For teeth up to 14 shades brighter

When we talk about looks, teeth are considered one of the most important and appealing features. These days people are very conscious about their teeth and want them to be bright and healthy, and why not?

For all those debutantes who want to have a sparkling smile for the occasion, Brighter Smile are offering a Galway Races special of €99 for a full treatment.

Brighter Smile use the Beyond Polus System, the latest technology from California which has gained enormous popularity in Ireland over the last few years - with double the number of people seeking this particular treatment in the last two years alone. This is not surprising as teeth whitening does not require anaesthetic or your teeth to be drilled, and is quick and cost effective - it is the perfect ‘smile enhancer’. The treatment takes 38 minutes, and just one treatment is required. Teeth are left from 5-14 shades brighter.

However the major reason for its success is that Brighter Smile’s teeth whitening system consistently delivers excellent results and improves the colour of most people’s teeth in a very short space of time. In today’s body-conscious society, this is a much sought-after benefit and teeth whitening can often rejuvenate your smile without the need for crowns and veneers. Their professional teeth whitening treatments safely and effectively remove staining and discolouration, which cannot be achieved through brushing alone.

So, whether you have naturally yellow or stained teeth, these treatments can give you the white smile you’ve always wanted.

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