Renowned medium returns to Mullingar

Internationally renowned medium Margaret Hurdman returns to Mullingar Arts Centre on Saturday June 30.

Describing herself as a normal housewife who is “lucky enough to have been given a wonderful gift - the ability to communicate with the spirit world”, Margaret has dedicated the past 40 years of her life to helping people understand that “the life to come is nothing to fear”.

The softly-spoken English midlander describes herself as a “church medium” who “very much believes in God”. Her gift first made itself known more than 40 years ago after she ‘died’ three times during open heart surgery.

“I had visions of my son and my grandfather who had died previously. The second time, I saw a tunnel with white light, and I met a man, who I now know as my guide, who told me to go back as it wasn’t my time. I had no idea at the time what it was all about,” Margaret explains.

When she regained consciousness, some three weeks later, Margaret says she was able to see the spirit world straight away.

“I tried to ignore it. I thought people would think I was mad, but I got to the stage where I couldn’t ignore it.”

Margaret subsequently completed a mediumship course to learn how to channel her new gift. Her children and grandchildren have also inherited her gift; however she advises them to “live their lives first” before committing to the sort of life she has been living for the past 40 years.

“The spirits are always there, even if sometimes I don’t want them to be. It is not a job I would choose; it would be easier to scrub public toilets,” she laughs.

“It is a difficult existence and it is very hard to get a balance between my private and working life.”

For people who have never been to see her before, Margaret has one warning; “If people come to be miserable, they are wasting their time.

“Yes we get sad moments. Often people want to know if a family member is okay, or if they have passed over. If it is a touchy subject I would say ‘Let’s talk afterwards’. I would never embarrass anyone or hurt them. People are free to talk to me after the show in private or to contact me by email, or I can follow up with a phonecall.

“I would ask that people come with an open mind, listen, and take part. I never know what is going to come through, but it is usually a lighthearted atmosphere.”

Margaret has written three books about her experiences, the latest entitled Walking in Two Worlds, and regularly gives talks and workshops across the UK and Ireland. She also takes bookings for private readings. For further information see

Mullingar Arts Centre presents An Evening with Margaret Hurdman on Saturday June 30 at 8pm. For further information see or call (044 ) 9347777.


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