Ireland fans urged to give drink driving the red card!

The Road Safety Authority (RSA ) has appealed to Irish soccer fans not to let the side down during the Euro 2012 Championships by drinking and driving.

Noel Brett, advised fans, “Whether planning to visit the pub or stay in to watch the game with a few drinks on the evenings when the Republic of Ireland play, please don’t risk ruining the occasion by drink driving.

We want all the drama to remain on the pitch not on the road! So that means using public transport, a taxi/ hackney or taking turns to designate a driver to get to and from the pub safely.”

Mr Brett added, “Remember the drink drive limits have come down from 80mg to 50mg for ordinary drivers and to 20 mg for learner and professional drivers. So it’s simply not worth the risk.”

He also warned of the dangers of drink driving the following morning, “hopefully we will all have good cause to celebrate on this evening, but don’t forget that after a heavy drinking session you may not be safe to drive tomorrow morning.”

Warning about car mirror flags

Noel Brett also sounded a note of caution on the current trend of using car mirror flags by fans on vehicles at the moment. The flag covers the moulded side of the door mirrors with the Irish tricolour facing to the front. “Our concern is that the flag is held in place on the mirror side, reducing the surface area of the mirror and they also block the indicators mounted on the mirror on some vehicles. As a result the surface area of mirror, is in some cases, no bigger than a mobile phone. As a result they could increase the driver’s blind spot making it more difficult to see a vehicle or bicycle when moving off, changing lane, or overtaking.”

“I understand that the public are excited about our involvement in the championship and it is an opportunity to display our national pride. I would just ask that drivers use common sense when applying them and ensure they don’t reduce their vision. It would be tragic to see anyone injured or worse, because of this issue,” he concluded.



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