Have a lovely smile through orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics (brace treatment ) is a speciality in dentistry. Orthodontic treatment is a treatment to treat improper bite (malocclusion ) as a result of crooked teeth, jaw discrepancy, or both. There is a misconception about orthodontic treatment being suitable only for teenagers, but it is now relatively common for adults to have orthodontic treatment.

Ortho Point is a fully equipped specialist orthodontic clinic in Mullingar. All patients at Ortho Point have their cases assessed and their orthodontic treatment carried out by a fully qualified specialist orthodontist who has a Masters in Orthodontics qualification (M.Dent.Sc. ) awarded by the University of Wales College of Medicine and a Membership in Orthodontics qualification (M.Orth.R.C.S.Ed. ) awarded by the Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh. The specialist orthodontist at Ortho Point is also fully registered on the Irish Dental Council Specialist List (Division of Orthodontics ).

The oldest patient who has completed her treatment successfully at Ortho Point is nearly 68 years of age. Hence the age of the patient is not a limitation to orthodontic treatment. However, it is the quality of the teeth, gums, and jaw bone that will partly determine whether the patient is suitable to have orthodontic treatment. Crucially the patient needs to do their part during their treatment to achieve a successful result.

Please feel free to contact Ortho Point at (044 ) 9340696 to organise a consultation or visit the clinic website www.drchye.com for more information about the clinic and orthodontic treatment.


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