Galway songstress comes to the Passionfruit

Galway songstress, Aisling Quinn spent her formative years devouring music without prejudice to particular styles or genres. Home was full of instruments and Aisling was tinkering on pianos and strumming guitars for as long as she can remember. Piano was the first instrument she learned formally, but like most teenagers, the discipline to practise escaped her.

So, inspired by jazz and blues albums from the 30s and 40s and her mum’s Carole King LPs, she decided to go down a more laid-back style of jamming, teaching herself as she went rather than being penned in by formal, structured lessons. Her curiosity and love of sounds led her to pick up many other instruments such as mandolin, flute, violin, melodica, bodhran, and glockenspiel.

One of her first breaks in the industry came in 2009 when musician Albert Niland happened upon her music. This discovery resulted not only in an Irish tour with Albert Niland but also, as word spread, another Irish tour with much lauded performer, Roesy.

Aisling plays the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone on Friday May 4. Tickets are €10 and can be booked by calling Fiona on (086 ) 3338457.

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