Westmeath call to avail of Dulux Let’s Colour project

The Dulux Positivity Panel 2012: Hector Ó h’Eochagáin, Eleanor Harpur, and Dr Eddie Murphy

The Dulux Positivity Panel 2012: Hector Ó h’Eochagáin, Eleanor Harpur, and Dr Eddie Murphy

The Dulux Let’s Colour Project is looking for more projects to brighten up Westmeath in 2012. Last year Dulux helped out a massive eight projects in Westmeath, including St Brendan’s Community Centre in Athlone, Gateway Project Athlone, and the Mullingart Project in Mullingar.

The Dulux Let’s Colour Positivity Panel features community ambassador Hector Ó h’Eochagáin; Operation Transformation psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy; and Dulux can-do DIY guru, Eleanor Harpur, who are on hand to motivate people to get involved by nominating a community space they would like to transform with some Dulux colour.

The Dulux ‘Let’s Colour Project’ is open to all communities, giving them the opportunity to make positive change, transforming grey and neglected public community spaces into bright positive places. Whether you are a community champion, local handyman, parent involved in the local school, sports team manager, or in between jobs, there is bound to be a local community project in need of help.

2FM broadcaster, community champion, and positively positive Hector Ó h’Eochagáin called on communities across the country to submit projects they believe are in need of positive change by entering the Dulux Let’s Colour Project 2012.

“Here is a positive opportunity to make a real difference by brightening up your community - to improve GAA clubs, community centres, schools, old folks’ homes, the works, making them brighter and more positive places to spend time. So get out there, get involved, submit your project, and you might be one of the lucky communities who get pick up a paint brush,” says Hector.

Successful projects that demonstrate how they will have a positive impact on the local community will be donated all the paint to complete their project from the Dulux Let’s Colour paint reservoir. Get your community positively involved by entering the Dulux Let’s Colour Project at www.dulux.ie

So come on Westmeath, rally the troops and submit your local project by logging on to Dulux.ie The closing date for applications is May 23.


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