No more waxing and shaving

Speak with the experts about laser hair removal

Imagine no longer having to worry about nicks and cuts, embarrassing stubble and irritated, unhappy skin, all of which go hand in hand with a girl’s beauty regime. And don’t get us started on the trouble we get ourselves into by stealing our other half’s razor; for some strange reason they always uncover the crime!

Yes ladies, waxing, shaving, and hair removal in general is a minefield of potential mishaps. That is until you discover the benefits of laser hair removal. Therapie Clinic is recognised as the expert in laser hair removal, having treated in excess of 200,000 people. They were responsible for the phrase ‘Goodbye razor, hello laser’.

Therapie Clinic has state-of-the art clinics nationwide, including one at 4 Fairview Terrace, Garden Vale, Athlone (just beside Athlone Towncentre ). Therapie Clinic uses only the most advanced technology in the world, using medical-grade lasers which mean superior results over fewer treatments. Therapie’s results speak for themselves with most clients booking in for one area, but nine times out of 10, a Therapie Clinic client will go back and have more than one area looked after. The benefits of being hair free and never having to worry about waxing and shaving bring an untold freedom and confidence, never mind the amount of time and money you will save!

Special offer now on - any bikini and underarm only €495 (six sessions ); or full leg, bikini, and underarm only €995!

Therapie Clinic insists on carrying out a free patch test to ensure you are compatible with laser. Book a free consultation to find out more! Phone 1890 650 750 or visit



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