The sell out success Faulty Towers dining experience comes to The Prince

Faulty Towers…the dining experience is a unique event offering the public a chance to find out what it would be like to dine at the famous TV hotel. The show has played over 200 sell-out shows in Ireland since its first visit here in July 2009. Basil, Sybil, and Manuel return to Ireland by public demand, and will be hosting the event in The Prince of Wales Hotel in Athlone on Tuesday May 1 and Wednesday May 2 as part of the nationwide tour.

The well-known characters snobbish manic Basil; his domineering wife, Sybil; and their hopeless language-challenged waiter, Manuel will take charge in The Prince for two nights to serve dinner and a feast of comic delights, some familiar, some off the cuff, but all with a ‘Faulty’ seasoning with a guarantee to keep everyone laughing all the way to the dessert. Everything that can wrong does in an evening of beautifully controlled chaos. Just don’t mention the war!

This is a terrific night out. A brilliantly devised evening mixing a good meal with comic entertainment from three of the best loved TV comedy characters. The show is produced by the award winning company Interactive Theatre Australia. The Faulty Towers characters meet the audience in the foyer, seat everyone, and serve them while interacting with the crowd as if they were dining in the fabled hotel of the TV series. Between courses they entertain the audience with scenes from the shows which is so well known and loved.

Blustering Basil is bossed by his domineering wife Sybil. Poor Manuel never seems to get anything right as he struggles to understand the clipped orders of his patrons or even the simple requests of the guests. It’s a night of comic genius, good dining, and great fun.

In addition to doing three sell out tours in Ireland in the last 18 months Faulty Towers…the dining experience has been winning fans and accolades at Edinburgh, Melbourne, and Adelaide festivals where it has garnered a host of awards. Featuring all the best gags and a great meal, Faulty Towers…the dining experience is a loosely-scripted, pitch-perfect ‘13th episode’ of the TV series which develops the characters made famous by John Cleese, Prunella Scales, and Andrew Sachs.

Be one of the steady stream of bemused guests trying to make Manuel understand what it is you want. Asking for an ice bucket ends up with you being presented with a ‘nice bucket’. A simple procedure like opening a bottle of wine can become a huge drama. And, maybe, just maybe, in the middle of all these events, you might get some service. Faulty Towers...the dining experience plays The Prince of Wales Hotel, Athlone on Tuesday May 1 and Wednesday May 2.

Tickets are available from the reception at The Prince or by calling (090 ) 6476666.


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