Information meeting on septic tank proposals

Local Deputy Denis Naughten has arranged a public information meeting entitled ‘The truth about septic tank inspections’ to explain what the new septic tank proposals are about and what they mean for homeowners.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday March 27 in the Hodson Bay Hotel at 9pm, and all are welcome to attend.

Deputy Naughten said: “There is huge confusion among the public about what these new septic tank rules mean for people and some of the claims are wrong and spreading unnecessary fear.

“The public needs to be given clear information outlining exactly what these new septic tank rules are all about and I’ve been lucky enough to have an expert in this field, Noel Connaughton Lecturer in Environmental Science at Sligo IT, available to address the meeting.

“The meeting will outline how a septic tank works, what steps can be taken to improve its operation, and how the new rules will impact on existing septic tanks.

“The public will also have an opportunity to make an input to the current public consultation process being run by the Department of the Environment on the proposed rules for the inspection of septic tanks.

“What we all want to see at the end of this process is the public with the real facts of what is being planned and to ensure that any new rules are practical, sensible, and implementable,” concluded Deputy Naughten.


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