Join the love:live music movement on International Music Day

Over 20,000 people expected to participate in love:live music on Thursday June 21

A host of leading Irish and Ireland-based musicians were on hand to launch love:live music presented by Music Network in association with RTÉ Lyric FM.

The love:live music movement will take place on the Summer Solstice, Thursday June 21 as part of celebrations for International Music Day - Fête de la Musique. The musicians are urging other professional musicians and music organisations, as well as amateur musicians in Westmeath and around the country to occupy a stage and create a free music experience to capture the imagination and showcase Ireland’s diverse music talent.

Over 160 musical events were held across 24 counties at love:live music in 2011 with events in Westmeath including Wilson’s Hospital School 250th anniversary celebration in Wilson’s Hospital School. Other events ranged from the RTÉ Concert Orchestra joining forces with St Agnes Primary School to host a concert, to the National Chamber Choir conducting at The Helix in DCU, jazz and rock concerts, solo recitals, singing flash mobs, traditional music performances, buskers, and last but not least the contemporary music sector pulled out all the stops with a performance by CoMA Limerick at the Hunt Museum in Limerick and several performances happening at the Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin.

The love:live music movement is a celebration of Ireland’s musical identity and aims to promote access to Irish music for everyone. Some 120 countries around the world will co-ordinate their national music day on Thursday June 21 and Irish musicians, both professional and amateur, are urged to occupy a stage and create a free music experience.

Now in its third year, love:live music continues to go from strength to strength and Music Network plans to build on this for love:live music 2012.

For more information and to register to take part in love:live music 2012 log on to


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