Food allergy or intolerance?

About two of 100 people have a food allergy, but many more have food intolerances. Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to a particular food or ingredient, which occurs every time the food is eaten. A food allergy is an allergic reaction to the food.

An allergy produces symptoms such as swelling of the lips, which usually develops within minutes of eating the food, while intolerance produces more general symptoms, such as indigestion and bloating, which can develop several hours after eating. The symptoms of a food allergy can be life threatening, whereas the symptoms of a food intolerance are unpleasant but never immediately life-threatening.

Why does food intolerance occur?

Food intolerance is when the body is unable to deal with a certain foodstuff, usually because it doesn’t produce enough of the chemical or enzyme needed to properly digest that particular food. One of the most common intolerances is to cow’s milk, which contains a certain type of sugar called lactose.

Food intolerance test

Whelehans Food Intolerance Testing Service checks for food intolerance to 59 of the most common causes of food intolerance. If a patient tests positive to certain foods, the simple act of eliminating the food could have a massive positive impact on overall wellbeing. It takes a few minutes and you can have your results in a few hours.

Nutritionist service

Whelehans have an in-store nutritionist service with nutritionist Cathriona Hodgins. A consultation consists of in-depth analysis of major body systems including liver, digestion, hormones, plus personal health history, family history, and review of daily diet. Call to book your place.

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