Defendant restrained after court outburst

A man who claimed he had not been drinking but later became abusive to Judge Seamus Hughes was remanded to Clover Hill prison until February 22.

Patrick Greene of St Mel’s Terrace, Athlone appeared at Athlone District Court on Wednesday (February 15 ), after breaking a safety order that had been taken out by his elderly mother Winnie at her home in St Mel’s Terrace.

The defendant, who has over 100 previous convictions going back to 1994, was asked if he had been drinking, having turned up at a previous court sitting, clearly under the influence of alcohol. Back then he claimed he had found a bottle of vodka, after first claiming he had been drinking Guinness in a licensed premises until 7.30am.

The defendant said he had not had anything to drink when he appeared at the most recent sitting of the court. Greene who was represented by a barrister from Cahir O’Higgins & Co solicitors in Dublin, began to address the judge, when Patrick Greene called out that he was sorry for the verbal abuse he had given Judge Hughes at a past hearing.

The defendant then asked the judge if he could shake his hand but the latter told him he couldn’t. There then began a legal argument when counsel for the defence told the court he was applying for legal aid for his client.

Judge Hughes explained he would be reserving the application as laid down by the law concerning the role of the barrister to apply for free legal aid.

As the debate continued Greene screamed: “Ah stick it up in your f***ing a**e. Who do you think you are to judge me?”

At this stage gardaí began to restrain Greene as he continued to disrupt the court when he screamed: “We will all be judged. I’ll eat the face off of you. I am hungry and I am going to eat the face off you”.

Gardaí then attempted to place handcuffs on the defendant who struggled and called out: “Let go of my f***ing hand!”.

As the legal argument continued Greene was led away to a waiting prison van and was remanded by Judge Hughes to Clover Hill prison. He will reappear at Athlone District Court on Wednesday February 22.


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