Natural Remedies

The B vitamins are often referred to as the ‘energy’ vitamins, mainly because they are involved in energy release in the body. There are eight different B vitamins. The eight B vitamins are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Getting enough B vitamins will keep energy levels up, provide mental alertness, improve memory, combat ageing, boost the immune system, and fight against depression. Many elderly people, vegetarians, or people who are on strict diets don’t get enough of these important vitamins. People who are stressed, eat out often, don’t have a good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg, or abuse alcohol can also be deficient.

The B vitamins are available in Whelehans Vitamin B Complex formulation which is yeast free and is €5.49 per 30. Whelehans Children’s or Adult Tonic is a good option for those who don’t eat enough fruit and veg. Whelehans Traditional Tonic and Children’s Tonic contain all the B vitamins as well as iron and is a natural boost.

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Cystitis and Urinary Tract infections

Cranberry eases lower urinary tract infections (also called bladder infections or cystitis ). Cranberry can prevent the recurrence of urinary tract infections. Cranberry helps deodorise urine and fight E. coli and other bacteria. Cranberry juice available in supermarkets can help; however it contains a lot of sugars which bacteria can feed on.

Whelehans Cranberry Capsules are a good choice as they are sugar free. Whelehans Cranberry Capsules cost €5.99 per pack of 30. Cranberry capsules are a good choice for diabetics and those prone to recurrent urinary tract infections.

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