Staying naturally healthy in the new year

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS )

IBS features recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhoea often alternating with constipation. IBS is an extremely common condition and affects up to one third of the population. Peppermint oil is used to treat stomach bloating and stomach cramps. It is the best product without prescription for IBS. Whelehans Peppermint oil capsules are €5.99 per pack of 30. Find more information on IBS at

Benefits of fish oils

Omega 3 fish oils help circulation and reduce the risk of clots. There is strong scientific evidence that omega fatty acids reduce cholesterol levels, especially triglycerides. Regular intake reduces the risk of heart attack. Omega 3 supplements are beneficial if you don’t eat a lot of fish.

Reducing joint pain

Omega 3s have an anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces the pain and stiffness associated with inflamed joints and arthritis. Lyprinol is a highly potent anti-arthritic omega 3 supplement available in Whelehans Pharmacy, Mullingar. Trials have shown that Lyprinol has 200 to 300 times more anti-inflammatory potency than other Omega 3 supplements and is as effective as prescription-only medication for inflammatory joint pain. There is a €4 off Lyprinol voucher in this Advertiser.

Omega 3 and its benefits for depression

Evidence shows omega 3 fatty acids reduce depression and anxiety. A 2008 Swedish study showed that PlusEPA is as effective as Prozac in reducing the symptoms of depression. PlusEPA is a 95 per cent concentration of omega 3 containing a daily dose of 1000mg of EPA designed for emotional health. It is available from Whelehans Pharmacy. Omega 3 enhances serotonin in the brain to boost mood.

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