New supply to tackle Coosan water disruption

The disruption to water supply which has plagued the Coosan area in recent weeks should be a thing of the past with the installation of a new water main to feed into the reservoir this week.

Since Wednesday, there are now two pipes feeding water into the Coosan reservoir - the original ‘rising main’ which had been susceptible to bursts, and a new rising main.

Senior environmental engineer of water services, Morgan Cox, explained that with two pipes now delivering water to the reservoir, there won’t be the same problem if the old one bursts again.

“We are leaving the old one still active until we switch to the new system, but now if the old one breaks we won’t have the same problems we’ve been having, nothing on the scale of what we’ve had in Coosan,” he said.

“The problem was the rising main kept bursting; that’s why such a big area was affected. We are definitely better placed now, but we will continue to monitor the situation and we have cover in place.”

The works currently taking place will see a new water system in place by the end of January.


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