Honda tops major car reliability survey

Honda is up one place from last year when it came second in the biggest survey of car reliability and owner satisfaction in the UK - which is the closest to our market.

The latest car reliability survey from Which? Car said: “Not only did Honda owners respond in the largest numbers to the 2011 Which? Car survey, they also reported that Honda was the most reliable of all 34 brands we covered. That’s no mean feat, and it makes Honda one name that’s well worth remembering when it’s time to replace your car”.

The Which? Car reliability survey, which asks car owners to rate their own cars, is calculated from the number of breakdowns, faults and niggles suffered by all models in the last 12 months. The score for each of these are then combined to provide an overall reliability score for each manufacturer. As breakdowns are more serious than faults or niggles, they are given a heavier weighting than the other two areas.

As you would expect Frank Kennedy of Honda expressed his delight at this latest result: “The Which? Car survey is very comprehensive in that car owners who live with their cars are the people who rate the cars. This means that potential buyers will be able to make an informed decision as to how good it is to own a Honda which has been rated so highly by existing owners.”

Car owners are asked to rate out of five how satisfied they are with their car and also how likely they are to recommend the car to a friend. The results are then reached by combining the response to these two questions to award each car a customer score out of 100 per cent.


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