High fibre breakfast bread from Hanna’s Secret

With September looming, like young people I am torn between relief that routine will be restored and dread at the thought of back to school. Everywhere I turn there are books and schoolbags, reminding me I have much to do to ensure all is ready for day one.

One thing is certain though; I have breakfast and the lunchbox sewn up. Hanna’s Secret High Fibre Breakfast Bread has become a winner in our household. Each two slices are packed full of oats, free from yeast, added sugar and additives, and will truly keep hunger at bay until lunchtime.

Our kids are continually growing both mentally and physically and it’s vital that we nourish them ‘from the inside out’.

Oats have been proven to release energy slowly, reducing the risk of diabetes, and are a good source of magnesium (aids the immune system ), manganese (great for healthy bone growth, memory and thyroid functions ), and phosphorous (plays a vital role in how the body uses energy ).

Meanwhile wholegrain rye is a great source of fibre, acts against diabetes, and is also rich in selenium, manganese, and tryptophan (an essential amino acid that produces serotonin, good for sleep and mood ).

In short Hanna’s Secret High Fibre Breakfast Bread is really really good for you and joy of joys - kids love it! It’s good for us too, and great with salami, pate, cheese, jam, boiled egg, or simply with butter.

By Niamh Heneghan. Contact Niamh at Hanna’s Secret, Mullingar at (087 ) 7574893 or email [email protected].



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