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Feel comfortable in your choice of childcare

In this day and age when many couples struggle to balance the demands of their careers with raising their families, childcare workers are playing an increasingly important role in children’s lives.

Caring for children who have not yet entered kindergarten and supervising older children before and after school, they play an important role in the child’s development.

In addition to children’s health, safety and nutrition, childcare workers organise activities and implement curricula that stimulate children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.

They help children explore individual interests, develop talents and independence, build self-esteem, learn how to get along and interact with others and prepare them for more formal schooling.

Bearing in mind the important role that a childcare worker is likely to play in your child’s life, choosing the right childcare facility is paramount to parents.

Here are some things that you can look for when visiting a potential childcare facility for your children.

What is the environment like? Is it welcoming, can you visit anytime?

What are the staff like? Is there a good interaction between the staff and the children and do the staff listen to the children and treat them with respect?

Do the children look happy and relaxed?

Is there an outdoor play area?

Are the premises clean, bright and well ventilated?

Ask about sleeping arrangements. Are there assigned cots/sheets/sleeping mats?

Have a look at the equipment and toys on offer. Are they age appropriate, clean and in good condition?

Ask about care plans and routines, are they flexible? Have a look to see if they are displayed on the walls. What will your child be doing during the day?

Ask to see the toilets and nappy changing areas. Are they clean, tidy, and well ventilated, and are the relevant procedures displayed on the wall?

Have a look to see if the weekly menu is displayed.

What qualifications do the staff hold?

What are their policies if your child has an accident or becomes ill?

Have a friendly chat with staff at the facility, asking any questions you might have and make sure you feel comfortable in the surroundings.


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