Hanna’s Secret - nourish yourself from inside out

How often has that voice inside your head shouted ‘You deserve a treat’ and you reach for the chocolate, crisps, or bottle of wine? And the voice stays quiet until after you’ve consumed these treats, only to roar: ‘Why did you do that? Now you’ll have to start all over again’!

This is the yo-yo lifestyle I experienced after the birth of my daughter Hanna, and only managed to break free from in recent years.

As all mothers know, we put ourselves on the back burner for our children, little knowing we show by example that this is the way to live and so we perpetuate the age-old cycle. Let’s stop. I believe by valueing ourselves we send a message to all around us that it’s ok to be you and respect yourself.

But where to begin? As you read, reach for a glass of water; it’s free, natural, and nourishing and clears toxins quietly from your system.

Create a plan for your day that sets out time for you. Allocate it unashamedly, even if it’s only 20 minutes.

Simplify your life. The house will not fall down if it’s less than spotless, the children will still thrive if you’re not ever-attentive, and do you really need all the stuff that’s cluttering your life?

Nature never intended life to be a chore. Ready meals are available in the form of fresh fruit and veg - easy to pick and quick to prepare.

If friends are coming round, don’t panic. Grab a loaf of high fibre breakfast bread, slice, and spread with either pate, cheese, or cold cuts of meat, arrange on a circular plate, and dress the centre with grated carrot, cherry tomatoes and small sticks of green from spring onions. If you want to push the boat out toss some smoked rashers in the pan, add pine nuts and peppers, and throw in some baby leaf spinach, add a touch of seasoning, and serve hot in a ‘help yourself’ bowl.

Stick on the kettle and you’re ready to roll in less than 15 minutes!

By Niamh Heneghan. Contact Niamh at Hanna’s Secret, Mullingar at (087 ) 7574893.

Available in Mullingar from: Brackens Craft Butchers, Ilia Gourmet, Nuts & Grains Health Food Store, and Buckley’s Supervalu. They are also available at Duffy’s SuperValu, Edgeworthstown; Shanley’s Food Hall, Healthy Options, Longford; and Healthy Beings, Strokestown.

Support local:

Smoked rashers: Rogan’s Smokehouse, Corry, Rathowen (087 ) 9904707;

Fruit and veg: Westmeath Organic Produce, Gaybrook, Mullingar (087 ) 2260841;

Cheese: Moon Shine Organic Farm, Lough Ennell, Ladestown, Mullingar (087 ) 9934108;

Organic meat: Lough Owel Organic Farm, Tullaghan, Mullingar (087 ) 6911164.


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