Wheat free breads and cakes

Hanna’s Secret brings a wholesome addition to your table while tantalizing your palate. Free from synthetic additives, preservatives, wheat and yeast – what you see is truly what you get. Hanna’s Secret is locally produced in Mullingar and all ingredients are sourced through local distributors

Hanna’s breads are packed full of beneficial oats, proven to help diabetes and cholesterol, in fact every two slices of Hanna’s Secret High Fibre Breakfast Bread is equivalent to a 30g bowl of porridge. This unique recipe gives a beautiful moist taste, whilst the flavours allow for a huge variety of accompaniments.

As a reflexologist, the creator of Hanna’s Secret, Niamh Heneghan set out to develop products for clients that would promote good health - soul food that smacked of gourmet. Hanna’s Secret High Fibre Fruit and Nut Bread became the first in the range and was geared towards diabetics, and anyone who loves a sweet taste but dreaded the after effects. Not surprisingly, demand for this product is strong and has amongst its followers, foodies, top retailers, and the health conscious. To date these products along with Hanna’s Secret Totally Moist Carrot Cake (wheat and dairy free ) and Hanna’s Secret Scrummy Gingerbread are proving hugely popular. As a fledgling business, niamh wishes wish to thank all who have assisted me in getting to this stage but in particular Nuts & Grains without whom this product would not be as far advanced as it is. The knowledge and customer feedback is magnificent.

Nuts & Grains have also welcomed the idea of Fiver Friday and are promoting Hanna’s Secret High Fibre Breakfast breads at two for €5 this Friday.

Available in Mullingar from: Brackens Craft Butchers, Ilia Gourmet, Nuts & Grains Health Food Store, and Buckley’s Supervalu. They are also available at Duffy’s Supervalu, Edgeworthstown; Shanley’s Food Hall, Healthy Options, Longford; and Healthy Beings, Strokestown.

For more information email [email protected].


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