Music production course for the under 18s comes to Athlone

BEAT Workshops, a music technology course for secondary school students, is set to return for the summer to Athlone Institute of Technology, and will be running five-day workshops in the dedicated recording studios at the AIT from July 4 to August 12.

Participants of this course will learn about sound engineering, radio editing, electronic music production, sound design, sound to picture, artist imagery, and music business.

“BEAT allows secondary school students a chance to see a real recording studio in action, record artists, produce tracks, create radio interviews and learn about instruments. It’s your first step in climbing the music industry ladder,” said workshop organiser, Aaron Casey,

As part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to record a solo artist or band, edit and mix audio tracks, take part in signal processing, designing sounds from scratch among a host of other activities, and will produce a multi-track CD featuring recorded and edited music.

They will also explore how a radio station operates, learn about the importance of timing, as well as record themselves in a format suitable for broadcast.

BEAT has undergone an expansion project which sees the introduction sound design, synthesis, and sound-to-picture technology.

“With the help of our new producer/lecturer, Joe Relihan of Filtroniks, we can now explore the creative side of music technology and it is very exciting to be working with a producer who has the experience and has had releases on so many record labels,” said Aaron Casey.

If you want to take part but don't play an instrument, there’s no problem as there's no requirement to be able to play an instrument for these workshops. Students will also explore some of the business aspects of the music industry throughout the week-long course. Through a module on artist imagery, students will be given an overview of the latest photographic equipment and software used, as well as appreciating the importance of image to an artist’s success.

The course is for under 18s only and will cost €150 which includes studio time, course material, the student’s lunch and a free BEAT Workshops t-shirt.

Further information is available online on Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter or log on to


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