Try the ultimate beverage for mind, body, and soul

If your diet isn’t as it should be and you find yourself suffering from loss of energy you should try Therapie’s Miracle Japanese Shinzo Tea.

Shinzo is packed with vitamins, minerals, and the highest antioxidant levels known amoung all superfoods (137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea ).

The Miracle Shinzo Tea gives an energy boost that lasts three to six times longer than coffee. The energy is released gradually, so there are no jitters or caffeine crash. It also promotes focus by relaxing the nervous system, rather than sending it into overdrive.

It also is known to inhibit cancer cell growth, promote fat oxidation, and reduce cholestrol and high blood pressure.

For your pack of Shinzo Tea, call Therapie Clinic (located at Fifth Avenue ), Austin Friars Street, Mullingar at 1890 650 750 (Postage service available ).



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