Semperit Comfort-Life 2 arrives for a wet Ireland

The new Semperit Comfort-Life 2 tyre has just gone on sale. It is positioned as the perfect fit for drivers of small to medium-sized vehicles, has just arrived in Ireland. Available in 13-15in rim sizes, the Comfort-Life 2 offers a quiet drive with superb handling in the wet, benefiting Irish drivers who encounter rain every second day on average.

The tyre is suitable for a broad range of cars available in Ireland including Toyota Yaris, Ford Ka, Opel Corsa, Seat Leon, Ford Focus, VW Golf, and Toyota Corolla.

Paddy Murphy, general manager of Semperit Ireland told the Advertiser, “As a quality and dependable tyre, the Comfort-Life 2 is the ideal choice for Irish motorist’s as it has been developed to meet the safety, performance, and environmental needs whilst still remaining an affordable product.”

Semperit tells us that the Comfort-Life 2 also features better all-round performance, in relation to wet braking and improved resistance to aquaplaning, and noise levels have been decreased.

Murphy adds, “Given that we encounter rainfall in Ireland approximately every second day on average, the tyre’s performance in the wet makes it perfect for driving conditions here. Also, the class of cars for which it is designed is gaining in popularity here, partly because of the scrappage scheme.”

In terms of safety, the tread pattern of the Comfort-Life 2 has improved to include more gripping edges which allow for better contact with the road surface and to provide excellent wet braking, which is a crucial safety aspect for many motorists particularly in Ireland.

With regard to handling, the Comfort-Life 2 has utilised angled tread blocks to prevent deformation, while stiff circumferential ribs increase vehicle handling stability giving drivers a precise steering response by better transferring the lateral and longitudinal forces.

The Comfort-Life 2 is available in a range of sizes suitable for 83 per cent of the Irish 13-15in car market.


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