New Mercedes-Benz CLS arrives in Ireland

The new Mercedes-Benz CLS coupé which has arrived in Ireland. It succeeds the first generation model (released in 2003 ), which was then the world's first four-door coupé car. In the interim there have been 170,000 Mk 1 CLS cars sold.

The all-new CLS continues the pioneering design that made its predecessor one of the most iconic models ever produced by Mercedes-Benz

Built on an E-Class platform, the four-door CLS combines executive-class comfort with the sporty appeal of a coupé. Mercedes-Benz say hat these qualities are reflected in an elongated bonnet, frameless low-slung narrow windows, muscular shoulders, and dynamic roofline that sweeps elegantly towards the rear.

Two models make up the range that will be marketed here - both diesel powered and both equipped with BlueEfficiency technology that delivers reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and lower road tax.

First of the two is a four-cylinder CLS 250 CDI automatic which arrives with a price-tag of €65,750 ex-works, a figure some 23 per cent lower than the model it replaces. With emissions of a CO2 figure of 134g/kms, it will have road tax of just €156 per annum.

Second in the line-up is a V6 CLS 350 CDI automatic. With a CO2 figure of 159g/kms, this version will have annual road tax of €447. Selling at €71,700, it is priced significantly lower than the previous 320 CDI which sold at €84,850.

In appearance, the CLS has a striking grille design distinctly reminiscent of the new SLS AMG in which the dominant element is a large star that underlines its family link to other Mercedes-Benz coupés. Flared wheel arches and large air inlets with black grilles add to its athletic appearance.

Inside, a wrap-around cockpit design is the prominent feature. Mercedes-Benz say that it offers a choice of five colours, five trim designs, and three qualities of leather, as well as high-quality trim elements which also include a choice of three wood finishes.

Amongst its many technical advances is the innovative use of LED technology to light up indicators, sidelights, and low and main beam functions that give a vastly enhanced night view compared to traditional systems. The company claims that it is as close to natural daylight as possible from any vehicles.

The CLS is the first of six new Mercedes-Benz models arriving here this year, others being a C-Class facelift and Coupé (April ), SLK (April ), as well as the new B-Class and M-Class (November/December ).

Mercedes-Benz passenger sales manager Ciaran Allen told the Advertiser that: “The CLS is a model fully in harmony with current thinking. The availability of BlueEfficiency across the range enhances its appeal and underpins its market position at a time when green issues and planet-saving technologies are to the fore.”


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