Laser teeth whitening comes to Athlone!

A-Star Smile found that many clients in their Galway Clinic were travelling from Athlone to get their treatment done, so they have brought their clinic to you.

A-Star Smile run weekly clinics from Reflections Salon at Inis House, Irishtown, Athlone. They only specialise in teeth whitening, giving their clients the most safe, advanced, and professional service. The technology involves a cold filtered blue light which is painless, is not harmful to your teeth, and gives faster and brighter results than the LED light that is commonly used.

What’s the difference between A-Star Smile’s laser teeth whitening treatment and cosmetic bleaching treatments?

- A-Star Smile takes 36 minutes

- Painless treatment with little or no sensitivity

- Results 5-14 shades brighter

- Only one visit required

- No take home trays needed

- The professional gel not only whitens teeth but has been proven to strengthen teeth

- Brighter results than regular whitening treatments

- Gel kills 95 per cent of bacteria on teeth (over 16s only )

A-Star Smile is perfect for clients of all ages who just want that extra brightness on their teeth, to clients who may be pre- or post-braces, or pre-shades test for caps, crowns, or veneers. A-Star Smile is also a perfect treatment for brides, grooms, or bridal parties.

Treatment costs €159, and is carried out by professionally trained dentists.

Not sure if teeth whitening is for you? Why not book your free consultation today! Call (087 ) 6207532 or check out www.astarsmile


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