Hair cosmetics – the organic way

Taking care of the beauty needs of your hair using an organic-ecological cosmetic product is much more than a simple gesture of vanity. It is a choice that above all expresses awareness and responsibility, symbolising a broader ecological project that becomes a life style and that makes respect for the environment and the protecting of natural resources the fundamental guidelines for guaranteeing a better quality of life for all humanity.

Villa Lodola hair products are all certified by the ICEA and do not contain synthetic colours or any raw materials derived and are made without animal testing or any ionised radiations.

The range of products include products for all hair types including products for treating hair loss and stimulating the production of hair, fine hair that lacks strength and tends to fall out, dry hair, greasy hair and scalp, dandruff, psoriasis and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

By Mary Kennedy, MOHH. Contact MOHH, Arcadia Centre, Athlone at (090 ) 6476166.



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