Teen burglar does not get detention extended

A burglar who was disturbed by the owners whilst on their property, received a six month suspended sentence in the District Court this week (December 1 ).

The court heard how Ross Ring (18 ) of 3, Lenihan Avenue, Prospect, Limerick but with relatives in Athlone was disturbed at around midnight on November 13 at a home in Willow Park View while trying to take the TV and a laptop, but that he managed to escape with an iPod and a hair straightener.

Ring, who was pleading guilty, had 13 previous convictions, eight of which were for theft, and was attending court from detention in St Patrick’s Institute.

His prison escort told Judge John Lindsay how Ring had a release date of March 5, had had an early release date of December 30 “but he lost his remission”.

Ring’s solicitor, Tony McLynn, explained how his client had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, and in relation to the burglary: “He was in the company of others, somewhat older”.

He did flee from the scene so there was no question of violence at the incident,” said Mr McLynn.

“The mere fact he was there...,” said the judge.

“...was very unpleasant for those involved,” agreed Mr McLynn.

Noting his present sentence, Judge Lindsay gave him a six month sentence, but suspended it for 18 months.

“Advise him he does not want to see me again,” the judge warned Mr McLynn.


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