Westmeath has Ireland’s worst sleepers

It’s official, Westmeath has some of the worst sleepers in Ireland. Westmeath finds it extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep, ranking 23rd in a new study by A.Vogel.

The study looked at the sleeping habits of all 26 counties based on the popularity of the herbal sleeping remedy Dormeasan, used to help relieve sleep disturbances. County Leitrim claimed the title of ‘soundest sleepers’, while the ‘worst sleepers’ title went to Cavan.

Commenting on the results, A.Vogel herbal advisor Nicola Murphy said, “Unfortunately Westmeath appears to have some of the worst sleepers in Ireland. For many of us, it can be difficult to switch off when our head hits the pillow. When our sleep is disturbed our bodies don’t get the time to repair. Our brain struggles to cope, resulting in poor memory, weak concentration, weary muscles, tired eyes, and lacklustre skin.”

A.Vogel Dormeasan is a herbal sleeping remedy used to help relieve sleep disturbances. Taken just 30 minutes before bedtime, it can help relieve your anxiety about falling asleep, encourage a more natural sleep, and help you wake up feeling refreshed and well rested.

A.Vogel Dormeasan (€10.50 ) is available from independent Westmeath health food stores and selected pharmacies. See www.avogel.ie for details.


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