Senator Mc Fadden gets thumbs up in election race

The Athlone branch of Fine Gael met recently for their monthly meeting, during which Senator Nicky McFadden was unanimously supported in her run for the next General Election.

Proposing Senator McFadden, Cllr Mark Cooney was fulsome in his praise for her hard work since becoming a Senator, and her proven vote getting ability. He wished her well in both the forthcoming party convention, and in the General Election, which hopefully for the country won’t be too far away.

A number of members seconded the nomination, and there was total support for Nicky in her endeavour to secure a second seat for Fine Gael in Longford/Westmeath.

Chairman Kevin O’Brien wished Nicky well, promising her his total support in anything he could do to help.

Cllr Alan Shaw wished to be associated with all the expressions of goodwill, stating that we all needed to get behind Nicky in working to deliver a second seat for Fine Gael. “Now is when we need to get out knocking on doors, and take this campaign to the people of Athlone and Westmeath.”

Thanking her proposer and many seconders, Nicky promised to put all of her energies into winning a seat for Fine Gael in the next General Election. She went on to highlight the disgraceful manner in which this current Fianna Fail/Green government’s cuts have targeted the weak and disadvantaged in our society, whilst at the same time wishing to wash their hands of any responsibility in the matter.

“Their cosy relationship with bankers and developers, while they ‘poured wine down each others throats’, has cost all of us, and our children, and maybe our children’s children very dear. The sooner we see the back of these people the better for this country.”


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