Irish motorists blow €27 million a year on fuel

Drivers here in the Republic of Ireland are losing out on more than €27 million by driving with under-inflated tyres.

The research, revealed by Michelin, discovered that not only are motorists letting poor tyre pressure affect their bank balance, but more than 58,000 tonnes of CO2 is being needlessly released into the atmosphere.

Driving with the wrong tyre pressures can put more stress on the vehicle’s steering and suspension components and cause it to burn extra fuel. It can also negatively affect the vehicle’s handling making it unstable and increasing the risk of accidents.

Luckily for Irish drivers, Michelin is racing to the rescue of motorists who are in the dark when it comes to tyre pressures.

The Michelin Fill Up With Air team is taking to the road to offer free tyre checks to help improve safety and reduce vehicle CO2 emissions, while also helping motorists save cash.

Michelin’s head of communications, Peter Snelling, said, “Last year, more than half of the cars surveyed were found to have punctures, or be dangerously under inflated.

“This is a very worrying situation, it really is a matter of life and death and people should learn to check their tyres regularly and thoroughly which is what we can help them to do. Tyres that are incorrectly inflated can cause poor handling on the road and potentially lead to serious accidents and put lives at risk.

“Last year we checked more than 700 cars and the results showed that some motorists in this country are simply not taking tyre maintenance seriously. This year the Michelin Fill Up With Air team will be visiting five locations across the Republic of Ireland, so if we’re in your town please take 10 minutes to come in for a free tyre check.”

Michelin is campaigning to make drivers aware that the wrong tyre pressures can mean tyres wear out more quickly as well as increasing the car’s fuel consumption. With fuel prices still high it is now more important than ever that people set their tyres to the correct pressure.

Peter Snelling added, “It is not only the nation’s purse which is suffering but the environment too. If motorists consume less fuel by having the correct tyre pressure then they produce less CO2 emissions which is much better for the environment.”

The Fill Up with Air Roadshow will be touring Ireland during September, visiting Dublin, Galway (Monday September 27, Galway Retail Park, Headford Road, Galway ), Limerick, Cork, and Waterford.

Drivers who want to find their nearest FUWA location can log on to the Michelin website at



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