Vitality in a jar with Aldi skincare

Coming to the rescue of older ladies everywhere, Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range offers a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the mother of all battles – the ageing process! Targeting the needs of mature skin (60+ age group ), Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range is designed specifically to restore lost moisture.

Start afresh with Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale Day Cream (€6.99 ). Costing just a fraction of the price of other anti-ageing creams, it contains UVA/UVB filter, SPF 10, calcium, Vitamin E, and amino acids which help to regenerate the skin’s texture and increase its density. For skin rehydrating perfection, follow with Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale Night Cream (€6.99 ).

For top to toe skin rejuvenation, don’t forget to use Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale Body Cream Oil Lotion (€3.49 ). Designed to help replenish lost moisture in mature skin, this hydrating moisturiser is enriched with a special blend of olive oil, panthenol, grape oil, and vitamin E.

Shoppers will find the above products available in Aldi stores from Thursday August 12.


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