90 minutes to bikini perfection at Glasson Pharmacy

The idea that you could be bikini-ready in 90 minutes might sound too good to be true, but with the Bikini Bootcamp treatment at the Skincare & Beauty Clinic, Glasson Pharmacy your dreams of a beach body could very soon be reality!

This relaxing treatment uses products from the Mama Mio pampering range. Developed with expectant and post-natal mums in mind, the range has been extended to cater for all those who wish to firm up their bulges, kiss stretch marks goodbye, and reduce water retention and cellulite.

The Mama Mio Bikini Bootcamp is a relaxing hour and a half of exfoliation, massage, and masks to ensure your body is primed and ready to face the bikini season head on. The ‘bootcamp for bulges’ is designed to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, increase cell regeneration, tighten slack skin, reduce cellulite, and ease water retention whilst improving skin elasticity.

My Bikini Bootcamp treatment at Glasson started with a full body exfoliation, including tummy, legs, and arms, with the OMega Body Buff to improve the skin’s texture and improve the absorption of the treatments to follow.

This was followed by a moisturising lymphatic drainage massage, which helps eliminate toxins and rehydrates skin to make way for the Shrink to Fit Alginate Mask. It was also extremely relaxing as I dozed off on the heated electric blanket which kept me cosy throughout.

This mask, which goes on feeling very cold but heats up as soon as the body is wrapped in insulating foil, sets on the skin to improve circulation, fight the appearance of unsightly bulges, and improve elasticity.

A relaxing eye mask and head massage from therapist Louise O’Rourke completed the treatment as the mask set.

My skin was left feeling glowing and gorgeous, while my tummy definitely felt less bloated and more toned. This treatment is the ideal way to leave you feeling confident, radiant, and bikini-ready, and all in just an hour and a half.

The Skincare & Beauty Clinic at Glasson Pharmacy offers a range of Mama Mio treatments, including Maternity Massage, Tummy Tone-Up, and Shrink To Fit, which is specifically designed to help reclaim contours and restore elasticity following pregnancy, ageing, or weight loss.

Products in the Mama Mio range include Boob Tube, Tummy Toner, Get Waisted Body Shaper, Goodbye Stretch Marks, and See No Scar Solution.

Book your appointment at the Skincare & Beauty Clinic at Glasson Pharmacy, Glasson village. Tel (090 ) 6485959.


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