How to gain reliable customers in 30 days

Bookkeeper Eamon Ward gives helpful suggestions on how small to medium businesses can gain valuable customers in a month.

Some of the ideas mentioned below may be obvious to you but sometimes we become too familiar with the obvious and do not implement it.

All of the ideas are practical and down-to-earth, and one new idea will be published each week. You will have benefited if at the end of the series you have found one idea or indeed part of an idea which you can put into practice. Or indeed if you can take part of an idea and merge it with one of your own you will have benefited.

However you must take action. Someone once said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen but the people who ACT on them are worth millions.All of the ideas are either free or will cost you very little to put into practice. Nowadays everybody is on a tight budget.

Without further ado let’s get started with the first idea.

Use risk reversal

Take as much of the risk as possible in the transaction away from your customers. This will lower the barrier and overcome any sales resistance that prevents them from doing business with you.

Let us look at the following example:

A man once went out to buy a pony for his nine-year-old daughter. The first person he went to said, “The ponies are in the stable, go out and take a look. If you return the pony within seven days we will give you your money back.”

The second person said “How old is your daughter? My ponies are kind, gentle, and loving and very good with children your daughters’ age, but I would say that as I am trying to sell you a pony. I suggest you take a pony home with you and let your child ride it say for a month as if it were hers. I will supply you with feedstuff for the month and in two weeks my wife will visit you and your daughter to check how the pony and child are getting along.

“At the end of the month one of two things will happen; either your child will fall in love with the pony and then you can pay me for the animal or for some reason they will not be getting along. If so we will take back the pony, clean out the stable, and you will owe us nothing. Is that fair?”

Which person to you think got that man’s business?

The second person understood the concept of risk reversal to its full extent.

Will customers take advantage.? A tiny percent may but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

I can not overstress the importance of this concept. Lack of trust either in you or your product is one of the major reasons why a potential customer will choose not to buy. Trust is a theme which is running through every concept in this series. Taking away the element of risk almost compels the customer to purchase. Put this into practice and see your sales increase.

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