Treat your feet at Temple Spa

Let your feet do the talking! And if they could they would tell you they feel tired and heavy, dry and cracked, and definitely under appreciated. We keep them covered for 70 per cent of the year; we squeeze them into the highest stilettos and smother them in runners. Do they not deserve more?

Why not treat your worn-out feet to a deluxe Jessanna Pedicure at Temple Spa.

Your feet are soaked in a soothing, anti-bacterial bath to help ease the tension, and then dry skin is removed used Jessanna energising foot scrub and an electrical file for more stubborn skin.

The nails are clipped and overgrown cuticles are removed. Your feet and legs are then treated to a massage with Jessanna super rich emulsion to ease away tension in tired feet and calf muscles which are then placed in heated booties to help further hydration.

A stimulating mint masque is applied to stimulate the blood flow and aid the removal of excess fluid, which will leave your feet and legs feeling light and refreshed.

Then the finishing touches: the nails are filed and you can choose your paint from Jessanna’s wide selection of colours.

This treatment will put the spring back in your step and leave your feet feeling renewed and refreshed.

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