Mullingar’s first digital photography classes for children of any age

Mullingar’s first ever children’s camera club is a dynamic course that aims to spark interest in digital photography for children of any age. It is a ten-week course that aims to incorporate different aspects of photography, through facilitation and interaction with varied concepts of digital media.

It aims at encouraging the children to look at things around them in a whole new way. With the confidence gained from mastering a new skill and creative expression, the children will develop a wider understanding of the fundamentals of the camera and digital media. Concepts and creative expression through digital photography are greatly encouraged throughout the ten-week course.

Cameras are available to each child; however if they have a camera of their own, that’s great, bring it along.

Camera club allows the children the freedom to develop their own creative journey through documentation of everyday surroundings, objects, and interests. The camera modes are vital parts of this process. Each week the children will engage with a new mode of the camera and will be guided through the different effects that they have through a powerpoint presentation. They will also be given tasks at the end of each class in which they will be asked to go away and take photos. This is an important factor of the class as it allows the children to develop their own approach to the new media and is more hands-on.

Children will be asked to experiment when taking photos, get in close and find a point of interest, and will, through practice, get the right balance between photographing people, things, and places.

Every part of daily life is made up of beautiful and interesting photos, it is only through standing still, looking, and seeing, that you can capture it. Each child has a vivid imagination and bursts of creativity, and camera club is a great course which enables them to push boundaries through a new and interesting digital media.

Camera club is available on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Contact Marie on (086 ) 2618972.


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