A solution to condensation trapped inside double glazing

Crystal Clear Window Works has opened its first dealership in Ireland in the west. The patented process removes the condensation from the inside of failed double glazing and prevents it from returning for at least 20 years.

This process involves injecting the unit with a patented super hydrophilic coating which removes the water and condensation and leaves behind a coating on the glass that prevents the unit from fogging again. A special venting system is installed into the unit that prevents any further damage. In a lot of cases the units do not even have to be removed from the frame, avoiding damage to beads and paintwork.

With a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee you can rest assured that the condensation will not return.

The newly opened Roscommon dealership will carry out the work on domestic and commercial glazing. UPVC, timber, and aluminium windows can all be repaired as well as toughened safety glass.

So why do sealed units fail in the first place? “Sealed units react to temperature changes like many other products,” Crystal Clear managing director Gerry O’Sullivan explained. “On a very cold day the air that is trapped between the two panes of glass contracts and forces the unit into negative deflection, and on a hot day the air expands and causes the units to swell. It is this constant expansion and contraction that eventually causes the perimeter seals to fail, allowing humid air into the unit that condenses on the glass. Our process involves installing a venting system into the unit that prevents the unit from reacting to the daily temperature changes. The super hydrophilic coating we inject into the unit then prevents the air passing through the unit from fogging.”

With more than 20 dealers in the UK and more opening every month this environmentally friendly product will soon be the preferred method of dealing with failed units. Phone (090 ) 6621980 to arrange a free survey and quotation.


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