Wines Direct – the ‘Wine Centre for the Midlands’

Award-winning wine importer Wines Direct started as a hobby for its owner and managing director Paddy Keogh. In 1991 Paddy started to import some of the interesting, ‘hard to get’ wines that he had encountered on his regular trips to Bordeaux, and the rest is history. Wines Direct now stocks a whopping range of over 300 wines from all around the world, all of which are sourced from small, family-owned artisan growers. In purchasing their wines directly from the producer, they also eliminate many unnecessary layers of expense found in the wine trade.

Wines Direct has a fabulous shop based in Lough Sheever Corporate Park in Mullingar, where they are fast building a reputation as the ‘Wine Centre for the Midlands.’ The large range of wines at different price levels and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the shop staff makes the Wines Direct experience enjoyable and pleasurable for both the wine novice and enthusiast alike. The attention to detail in the shop is unsurpassed, from pictures of all the winemakers adorning the walls, maps of the wine-producing regions, and information on every single wine on display. A party and wedding wine service, ranges of glasses and wine accessories, and a selection of hand-rolled cigars are also available.

Wines begin in price from just €9 per bottle, with case discounts, special offers, and a 25 per cent off ‘bin-end’ section always available for added value. The shop has an April sale running at the moment with 10 per cent off a range of 17 different wines. Because Wines Direct are specialist wine importers, working closely with small, independent, and artisan producers, supplying wines to an appreciative clientele of wine lovers, their wines cannot be found in any supermarket or off-licence around the country.

All shop staff are frequent visitors to the vineyards and are passionate about their wines. The shop has wines open every day for customer tasting, including a larger tasting of six different wines every Saturday. This year the wonderful shop has been awarded the prestigious Bridgestone Guide Award for the 12th consecutive year, and they commented that “If you drank nothing but Wines Direct wines you would drink well and live well.” The recently established Wines Direct Wine Club has been in operation since January, further adding to the excitement and enjoyment of Wines Direct wines and cementing them as a prime destination for both wine novices and enthusiasts alike.

Wines Direct have an exclusive special offer for readers of the Advertiser for the month of April, of two wines from Alkoomi in Western Australia made by husband and wife team Merve and Judy Lange. Further details of this exclusive offer can be found in their advert in this edition.

The Wines Direct shop can be found at 49 Lough Sheever Corporate Park in Mullingar or can be contacted via telephone at (044 ) 9394050 or email via [email protected].


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