Introducing ‘The Definitive Book of Dreams’

Most dream books amount to little more than dream dictionaries. Now dream dictionaries can be useful but they don’t really hit the nail on the head as regards dream interpretation. In the new book from hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Paul Gill, The Definitive Book of Dreams (Book Hub Publishing ), he describes the process of dreaming and explains exactly what your mind is doing whilst dreaming.

“All dreams have a purpose. All dreams have a meaning. Whether it’s an ordinary mundane dream or one of those far flung just plain weird dreams, your subconscious mind is trying to deliver up a message to you,” says Paul.

“Your subconscious is that part of your mind that dreams. It doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t need to sleep. It’s active 24/7 but its work is more easily observed during sleep hours.

“The average person dreams up to five times every night. Usually only two of those dreams might be remembered. You will naturally remember the one that wakes you up with a jolt in the middle of the night and the last one as you begin to awaken in the morning. The key to remembering your dreams is to place a pen and paper on your bedside locker and notice that you left it there. Your subconscious will remember that those items are there to help you remember your dreams.”

Paul Gill will be in attendance at Athlone Town Library at 6pm this Thursday March 25. He will read from his book and interpret dreams from the audience.

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