From singles to touring with The Blzzards and Meteor Awards - Ever27 are on the rise

Following on from the recent success of touring with The Blizzards, where they opened with an outstanding set at The Olympia Theatre, things have taken off once again for the Mullingar-based band Ever27.

The saying “The skys the limit” would have stood firm in the wake of Ever27’s debut single ‘The Ground Where You’ll Be Livin’, which catapulted them to heights greater than previously expected, yet that saying seemingly became redundant when the band released two more singles in October of last year, with all profits from the release of ‘Closer’ and ‘Wake Up’ being donated to Temple Street Children's Hospital.

Now, having been nominated as one of the five musicians in the Most Promising New Acts category at the Meteor Awards, it seems they’re first taste of real success is within touching distance. Nominated for the award is the track Shadows, produced by Blizzards front man Niall Breslin. The song, which has been described by lead singer Brendan McEvoy as “Pock, a mixture of pop and rock...”, paints the picture of someone who’s fallen on hard times, although there’s always a silver lining, claiming “It’s about when you feel left on your own,you know, stabbed in the back really, but also that life goes on”.

Along with the nomination and a host of upcoming tour dates, there also seems to be what looks like an album on the cards for the fresh-faced band of four. With three singles released already in the past year, McEvoy reveals plans to record even more material saying “We have a couple more tracks to be recorded with Niall [Breslin], although he’s in England at the minute...” Speaking on the chances of an album release he goes on to say “I’d say we have about 90 per cent of the material written along with more, although we’d rather pick the best instead of, you know, just filling a CD. It’s just a matter of time to nail em down and put them together”.

Yet more is still to come from the band, with two free shows planned for the mid term break in Bed night club in Mullingar, with the gig on February 15 open to all ages, and February 16 aimed at Leaving Cert students only to celebrate the end of the mock exams. Both concerts will be fully supervised with an under-18 mineral bar open to gig goers.

And so with all the recent success along with two free shows, McEvoy speaks on the local support from around the Midlands and on the nomination, saying “We’re definitely delighted with the nomination, wheather we win or not. We’re just blown away by the general public’s reaction and support and hope things keep going in this direction”. More information on the mid-term shows can be found at most local secondary schools in the area. Voting for the Meteor Awards can be accessed through



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