Maths and mystery add up to an intriguing thriller in Fermat’s Room

Maths and mystery add up to an unlikely but engrossing solution in Fermat’s Room, the next screening from Athlone Film Club on Tuesday February 9 at 8pm in the Dean Crowe Theatre.

Fermat’s Room (La habitación de Fermat ) is a 2007 Spanish thriller directed by Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña. Three mathematicians and one inventor are invited to a house under the premise of solving a great enigma, and told to use pseudonyms based on famous historical mathematicians. At the house, they are trapped in a room. They must solve puzzles given by the host, who calls himself Fermat, in order to escape the slowly closing walls of the room.

Once the walls start to move, there’s barely a moment to catch your breath as sharp editing, clever camera angles and good use of sound, squeeze the tension of every moment.

So if you enjoy a terrific mystery and the challenge of a good puzzle come along on Tuesday February 9 for this ingenious and thoroughly entertaining Spanish thriller.

There will be a complimentary wine reception in the theatre bar at 7.30pm. Temporary membership for the night is only €7.

For full details of becoming a member and of all the films this season check out the club’s website at or email [email protected].



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