Jazz with a southern Indian fusion

Thali come to the Passionfruit Theatre this month

Thali come to the Passionfruit Theatre this month

The music of Thali, formed by jazz singer Sarah Buechi, is a fusion of southern Indian classical style and western songwriting. Thali means plate...the taste of south India on the à la carte menu of jazz.

Like jazz, south Indian music has a stress on improvisation, and they share a modal fascination and rhythmic drive. In Sarah Buechi’s compositions one can hear the melancholy of the southern Indian ragas as well as tongue-twisting themes, inspired by the carnatic rhythm-language called konnakkol.

Sarah Buechi owes her knowledge of southern Indian music to her 18 month studies at the school of world renowned musicians, RA Ramamani and TAS Mani in Bangalore, India. Here she learnt to sew the red thread of their music into the programme of her band, the thread you must discover for yourself.

Sarah and Co come to the Passion Fruit Theatre, Athlone on February 26. For more information log on to www.sarahbuechi.com



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