St Aloysius College students take to work with some élan

St Aloysius College has been partnered with Élan Pharmaceuticals in an ambitious business programme that aims to open a window to the world of work to young students and also to encourage students to stay in school and recognise the value of completing their education.

The Schools Business Partnership (SBP ) Programme matches companies and local schools throughout Ireland. It is the only business to education programme in Ireland that is jointly funded by both businesses and the Department of Education and Science. St Aloysius College is the only school in the Athlone area chosen to participate in this programme.

St Aloysius College students have been involved in the programme for the past two years and this year a new group of 5th year students are involved in the programme.

During the programme, the students will visit the Élan site in Athlone and attend talks by Élan employees where they learn about a wide range of career options that they could choose to pursue. They will also participate in CV workshops and interview skills sessions. The final stage of the programme involves the students being interviewed by Élan employees regarding their interest in school and future career ambitions. At all stages throughout the programme, the students are advised by business mentors from Élan.

For those students who have already participated in the programme, the experience has proved to be both thoroughly enjoyable and hugely beneficial to them regarding their choice of career and / or college course. No doubt similar experiences will be had by this year’s 5th year group.


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