All-new Nissan Pixo on the way

Nissan Ireland will soon launch their all-new Pixo city car. The Pixo follows the popular modern theme of compact urban motoring, and with outstanding green credentials, the all-new Pixo is an accessible city car which offers low emissions and consumption at an extremely accessible price.

It is a five-door, with a roomy interior and generous luggage space thanks to its efficient design and packaging. It has a lively, highly efficient three-cylinder 1.0-litre engine.

Nissan boasts this thanks to its brand new lightweight construction. With resulting benefits in performance, and very low fuel consumption and emissions, Pixo will be among the best value eco-cars in the small city car category.

Built in collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation, at state-of-the art facilities in India, Pixo is a brand new four-seater competing in the fast growing A-segment.

Nissan says that unlike some of its immediate rivals, Pixo is far from a micro car. It has five doors to ease ingress and egress to and from the rear seats, but remains sufficiently compact to be agile and ideal for city driving.

According to Andy Palmer, senior vice president, Global Product Planning, Nissan Motor Co, Ltd, “Difficult economic conditions and an increased awareness of environmental issues mean customers are looking for a car that delivers excellent fuel economy and low emissions at a price they can afford. The new Pixo answers all those needs with a practical package that is refreshingly uncomplicated. The timing is perfect.”


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