Get the skin back on track after summer with Yon Ka

Holidays are sanity saviours - enjoying the sun’s rays and the feel good factor that comes from warm, sunny weather makes all the difference to mind, body, and soul. However, once back on home ground, we need to think about how our skin may have suffered and take steps to rectify any damage caused by sun, sea, and sand.

Skin can become severely dehydrated during the summer months. Drinking plenty of water will of course help, but remember as the body is made up of 80 per cent water, the water you drink will hydrate the body first before you see any significant improvement in the skin.

Here are some Yon Ka skincare helpers to get your skin back on track and ready to cope with the winter months ahead:

Good morning!

Wake up to Yon Ka Crème 28, a vitamin-rich hydrating day cream that helps to reduce the appearance of lines and traces of fatigue that results from moisture loss. It will give the skin back its vibrancy and suppleness, making it soft to the touch.

Summer may be over, but skin protection should not be. It is vitally important that you wear an SPF Sun Protection Cream on the face all year round. Yon Ka Ultra Protection, with an SPF of 25, is a 3-in-1 solar shield, anti-ageing cream, and quality moisturiser. It effectively filters UVA, UVB, and infra-red while softening, hydrating, and protecting the skin, helping it to develop its own defence mechanism.

Once a week treat!

As a weekly skin care treat, try Yon Ka Gommage 303 (normal to oily skin ) or Yon Ka Gommage 305 (sensitive, normal to dry skin ) as a treatment mask to drown the skin with hydration and give it an instant plumped-up effect. Finish with cotton dampened in Yon Ka Lotion, an alcohol-free invigorating skin tonic with essential oils.

And so to bed...

As we now know, the sun is extremely damaging to the delicate facial skin, which can become further stressed trying to protect itself from its number one enemy! Skin’s little face saviour, Yon Ka Le Baume Phyto-Repairing Facial Balm, is deliciously protective, bringing immediate comfort and suppleness to the most delicate or damaged, dry or oily skin. Its abundance of precious, natural active ingredients helps restore the balance, correct deficiencies, and boost the skin’s defences against the signs of ageing. It is particularly beneficial as a repairing night time treatment.

Alternatively, try Yon Ka’s newest skin rescue cream Masque No 1 – Time Intense Moisturiser, a unique and highly effective gel cream mask that delivers both immediate and continuous intensive hydration to the upper layers of the epidermis. Its unique time release ‘mechanism’ provides skin with 54 per cent of hydration after just one hour and 96 per cent of hydration after eight hours.

Find out more at the Yon-Ka Open Day on Thursday October 22 at Temple Spa, Horseleap, when a visiting Yon Ka specialist will be available for complimentary UV Skin analysis and skincare advice.



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