treat yourself to new hair with a 12 week blow dry

If you wake up in the morning, wash your hair, give it a quick brush, then skip off to work in the knowledge that your hair will dry perfectly straight and smooth, well congratulations!

But for the rest of you, you’ll understand the daily torture I go through with wild, fuzzy, unmanageable hair. There’s no denying that my hair has a life of its own, and as a result I’m forced to spend hours every week conditioning, blow-drying, and straightening my hair in hope that it will just do what I want it to.

And to be honest I was just about to give up and shave my hair off until I came across the 12 week blow-dry. I’d heard whispers of it during the summer and was curious to know what the treatment involved. So when I heard that MoHH offered the Keratin complex smoothing therapy, I had to try it out.

This type of 12 week blow-dry involves infusing natural keratin deep into the hair’s cuticles. Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in hair; the more keratin in your hair, the healthier and shinier it looks.

MoHH’s 12 week blow-dry involves several easy steps. Firstly I went in for a consultation to see if my hair was suitable for the treatment. Next my hair was washed with a cleansing shampoo to make sure there was no build-up before the keratin was added. This process can take some two hours as the solution needs to be applied to roughly dried hair in small sections, after which the hair is straightened.

In order for the keratin to work it must be left in your hair for three days, during which time you can’t wash your hair, or tie it back as this will kink the hair. During the three days I found my hair to be super soft and shiny. There was no problem leaving it for three days as I knew the end result would be worth it. On the third day I returned to MoHH where the keratin was washed out with special Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner before being blow-dried. Instantly my hair was smoother, silkier, and lighter. MoHH go that step further to offer you an excellent package, including the shampoo and conditioner, as well as a wash and blow-dry when it’s time to wash out the keratin. This is a lot more than other salons offer for a 12 week blow-dry.

The real testament to how effective the 12 week blow-dry is came when I went to blow-dry my hair myself. Usually this would be a tortuous affair involving a lot of frizz-taming products and hours spent sectioning off hair to blow-dry it straight before giving up and straightening it until it singed. But now, thanks to my 12 week blow-dry, all I need to do is wash and condition my hair with the Kertain Complex products before brushing my hair and giving it a quick blow dry. The results are instantly impressive. My hair looks and feels as if I’ve spent time blow-drying it straight, smooth and soft without an effort. Anyone with unruly, frizzy hair will understand what a miracle this is.

For more information or to book a consultation contact MoHH on (090 ) 6493664



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