Let them be chauffeured in limos (cake included)

I’m telling you, any day now, it’s going to happen.

It’ll be a day when despair is at an all time high. The day the last drop of hope disappears. The day the entire country turns off the alarm clock, rolls over in bed and collectively says “Feck it”. That’s the day that’ll come.

That’s the day our politicians, still riding high on nine plus weeks of holidays, state cars, and extravagant salaries turn around to us and suggest we eat cake! Don’t bother being surprised, instead go straight to the flash mob suggestion and lynch them all.

If someone came to me a year ago and suggested there could be an 18th century-type French Revolution I would have laughed them off. How and ever, watching the news this week and reading the papers has led me to believe we might not be too far off one.

For me, the Donster’s defensive statements in one of the Sunday papers has been the final straw. How can he brush away suggestions that having a €126 allowance for over night stays in the capital is ludicrous in this day and age? Not is their allowance at least €40 above what’s need for a normal stay in a decent hotel in Dublin, but the fact they don’t even need to show any kind of receipt or the most basic proof that they stayed in Dublin and were on parliamentary duty makes my blood boil.

Their ignorance is embarrassing. Look at John O’Donoghue, sure he’s a cute hoor of a Kerry man, but his blatant refusal to apologise for all those extravagant expenses kinda makes you want to punch him? Or is that just me?

How can he turn around and tell the people of Westmeath and the nation that we’re getting, and I quote, “incredible value for money”?

No one cares if their expenses are in line with those of his European colleagues. If we’re playing that game why is Briano getting paid more than the President of America? Surely our Taoiseach should be paid a lot less than the most powerful man in the world?

It angers me so much to hear people give out about the farmers for vocalising their anger towards the Government this week; I mean at least they’re doing something. Let’s face reality here, writing angry letters, ranting editorials, and damning front pages will only us so far. Sometimes you need to dig out the pitchforks and light up those torches and visually remind the Government that we’re not happy, and we’re not going to take this lying down.


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