Free music education for Westmeath primary pupils

The Next Generation Music Academy (NGMA ) is the groundbreaking new music tuition centre situated in St Mary’s Square, Athlone.

The academy is preparing to provide a free music education programme to all national school children throughout Ireland. Whether you wish to play the simplest of melodies or reach virtuoso music levels, NGMA provides everyone with the means, not over several years but almost from the moment you take a seat in the centre.

Musical director Marc K. Madden explains: “The wonderful gift of playing a musical instrument can now be enjoyed by everyone, and we mean everyone! With programmes for all ages, we have solved all the complexities of playing music: playing music is fun!”

NGMA offers something for those who wish to play to any level, or to improve their current ability, especially those who play music by ear.

The Next Generation Music Academy advises parents to check out the centre before enrolling their children in any course. “We can show any person, whatever their age, how in a matter of minutes they can read, play, compose, and write their own music, 100 per cent guaranteed. It’s no gimmick, it’s all reality, and we offer undeniable proof,” says Marc.

Next Generation Music Academy is to run a free music education programme for all national school children within the Westmeath region. Through the support of local people and sponsors, the academy will teach children all the grades of music for piano and guitar in six months. The initial ‘Roots’ pilot programme has a limit of 60 children.

Local businesses can help by requesting a ‘Roots’ sponsorship card and in return they can win substantial advertising packages. To save music education in the region will require the power of the people in Westmeath and for just €2 the memorable experience of playing music can be delivered to every child.

Any local or national company who wishes to sponsor the project can do so by visiting the NGMA official website.

Furthermore, any parent who wishes to enrol their child in the programme need only pick up an application at the local NGMA centre in Athlone or download it from the official website

NGMA are located at Unit 2, Townhouse Centre, St Mary’s Square, Athlone, opposite St Mary’s Church. Opening hours are Wednesday-Friday 3pm-10pm and Saturday 9.30am-1.30pm.

For further information tel (087 ) 6920759.


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